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Get your hands on the ONLY eBook with 35 essential Tarot spreads for any situation.

"I never know what spread to use..."

Many people are in doubt when choosing a Tarot spread because:

Not sure they are choosing the best spread,
Cannot clearly determine the houses for each card,
Are afraid of misinterpreting if they choose the wrong topics,
End up repeating the same spreads over and over because they don't learn new spreads,
Does not have a refined repertoire of spreads,
Don't have enough practice with cards to know how to create new games,
Even know how to read, but they are still insecure about the spreads.

But I can tell you that it is extremely possible to have a repertoire of spreads for any type of question or situation to use in your daily life! And the best: much more efficiently than you imagine!

Check out what you will discover here

There are 80 pages divided by themes so you can confidently choose the best spread for any situation. 

And if you still don't have practice with the Minor Arcana, you can practice just with the Major Arcana without any problems. 

This is the solution you were looking for to have more security in your readings.

11 Prediction and Situation Games

Spreads that bring clarity to the current context and that also show what happened in the past and what could happen in the future

5 Spreads for Relationships

Spreads that show what hinders a relationship, how to choose a partner and also how to better deal with a romantic context.

7 Spreads for Work and Purpose

Spreads on the most diverse themes including the search for our purpose, choosing a professional proposal, SWOT analysis and IKIGAI.

4 Spreads for Health and Spirituality

Spreads to learn how to deal with a health issue, how to balance body, mind and spirit and also how to connect with your conscience.

8 Traditional and Historical Spreads

The most important historical spreads that are part of the existence of Tarot and which are known throughout the world as Celtic Cross, Peladan, Tree of Life and Arrow.

How to continue studies

A super tip to find out how you can delve even deeper into Tarot studies after you have learned the 35 spread in this super eBook.

Add more movement to your life using Tarot cards and receiving the best advice!

See the content you will receive:

Chapter 1 - Getting started with cards

Awakening with the cards
Studying Tarot implies responsibility
Before you start
My story
The history of Tarot
What is Tarot and why has it continued to be taught for centuries
Tarot Spreads

Chapter 2 - How to make predictions

Advice of the day or week
Preparation of the week
Past, present and future
Next steps
Wide Spread
Current situation
Forecast for short, medium and long term
Solving a problem
How to get rid of a problem
Decision making
Choosing a path

Chapter 3 - Spreads about Relationships

Balancing logic and emotion
Understanding relationships
Relationship Reading
Improving a relationship
Looking for a partner

Chapter 4 - Spreads about Work, Purpose and Life Mission

Professional paths
Money and abundance
Career change
SWOT Analysis
Search for your life mission
What is my service?

Chapter 5 - Spreads about Health and Spirituality

Body, mind and spirit
Looking into your mind
Self esteem
Health issues

Chapter 6 - Traditional and Historical Spreads

Personal Arcana Reading
Annual Arcana Reading
Arrow spread
Tree spread
Astrological spread
Annual Mandala or Birthday Mandala
Celtic Cross

Who I am...

My name is Letícia Dal-Ri Tórgo. I am the creator of TRILHA: a journey of self-knowledge through Tarot that includes the Path of Courage, the Path of Truth and the Path of the Queen, the only learning methodology that unites the student's trajectory with the history of the cards. I have students and clients all over Brazil and countries such as Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Canada, USA, etc.

I discovered in Tarot and Astrology my life purpose after the age of 40 and thanks to the cards I had the courage to experience big changes in my life: I got rid of my own company in the cultural area after 10 years of success and gave up from large cultural projects to being in charge of my schedule, being able to work from wherever I want and having more time for myself.

I lived in Canada for almost 9 years and currently live in Italy, the birthplace of the history of Tarot.

Still unsure if this eBook is for you?

Where do the spreads come from?

They originate from years of studies, some of them being historical spreads that have lasted over time. Others are part of my own experience with the cards and consultations I made. There are still those that I discovered through research, many of them curious, different and fun.

How many pages does the eBook have?

This eBook has 35 spreads presented on 80 pages. All spreads have an illustration to help you set it up in the same way at home or during your Tarot consultations with friends or clients.

What do I need to access the eBook?

This eBook was developed to be read on your computer, tablet or even your cell phone. Once you download it, you can read it even offline.

How can I pay for the eBook?

The eBook can be paid by credit card, paypal or venmo. By clicking on the purchase button, you will have access to the price and payment options in your local currency. If you are not in the United States, the ideal payment options for your country will be displayed.

I want to use the cards only for myself. Does it work?

Of course! Many people who study tarot do not become tarologists but use the cards as a tool for self-discovery to use every day.

I only know the Major Arcanas. Does this eBook work for me?

Yes. You will see that I even recommend using ONLY the Major Arcana in some spreads. Even more elaborate spreads can be started with only the 22 Major Arcana cards, and later you can integrate the Minor Arcana without any issues.

What are the advantages to learn more spreads?

There are benefits such as self-awareness, better coping with anxiety and stress, knowing how to make tough daily decisions, and highlighting areas that need improvement. This ebook will provide you with an honest view of your life - even if there are things you don't want to admit.

Do you still have questions?

Write to me directly through whatsapp.

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